Start partying with remote controlled LED wristbands

Light Up your Crowd

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Integrate your guests into an immense light show.
Amplify the awesomeness of events.
Turn venues into light scenes.

You want to create a fully immersive experience for your audience and captivate your guests? Our
affordable LED bracelets help you to achieve this. 
From small events like a wedding or
a private party, to large events in big venues like a stadium or a theatre.

Our LED wristbands

All the party making power of wireless LED technology condensed into its purest form. You don’t just light up your attendees’ wristbands with the press of a button, but also the fire in their hearts.

Our Remote Controller

Empowers you to realize all your creative ambitions. With 16 buttons and a combined 30 different and colourful scenes there is no limit to your party’s light design.


What can we do for you ?


You don’t just attend a Lightbands event – you feel it, see it, breathe it, live it. We make everyone part of the show!


Lightbands is a young team of light engineers pushing the envelope of stage effects


our wristbands are made of recyclable materials. Send them back for us to recycle or use them for a second round yourself (or a third, or a fourth). Reduce your expenses – and your carbon footprint – to a minimum.